WoW Infostealer

Just a quick analysis of a WoW infostealer (md5: D214BD51E47DFD3DEA97B5A2ED28CBF5 / ThreatExpert).

The program is a simple dropper, there are no antidebug tricks nor it uses complex obfuscation techniques, it just extracts the DLL (md5: 7DEFE341246BB1DE68A7AFB233FB8CAF) that contains the core of the virus. The dll itself is sprayed on multiple (scrambled) resources inside the dropper:

The resoures are extracted and concatenated to form the dll in: C:\Windows\System32\msnjkwfb.dll, and after that the dropper invokes a function in the dll responsible for the installation and deletes itself.

The installer registers the dll for autorun, retrieves the WoW path, and copies inside it the dll under the name msvcr70.dll, after, it injects code into the WoW exacutable (wow.exe): adds a section (.ngaut) and changes the program entrypoint to its code. The injected code just loads msvcr70 and gives control back to the original entrypoint.

When the dll is loaded by wow.exe it starts searching for the main window, and then does some checks on the window’s title “World of Warcraft” and class “GxWindowClassD3d” if both checks succeeded it acquires the SeDebugPrivilege and spawns a thread that collects the information using static offsets into the program. Once all the information is gathered it sends a HTTP request to:

with the following request:


the site is still up at this time, so be careful WoW gamers 😛

p.s. for those interested here the py script to descramble and merge the extracted resources



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